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Access to specialists

Peterborough is home to a wide range of specialists meaning residents can often get the medical care they need without leaving their community. It also means physicians can access additional medical experts to refer their patients to and provide robust care.

State of the Art Hospital

Built in 2008 , PRHC has a capacity of more than 460 beds, PRHC has one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Ontario, and offers an extensive range of services, including specialized programs in mental health and addictions, cardiac care, cancer care and vascular surgery.

Team Support and Ample Resources

We have a team of 93 Family Medicine physicians working with over 300 specialists. We work together as a team, and ensure we provide optimal care for our patients.

Patient-centred care

The Peterborough Regional Health Centre (PRHC) serves a growing population of more than 300,000 in Peterborough and surrounding areas and has one of the busiest emergency rooms in Ontario.

With more than 460 beds, the regional hospital offers acute care and specialized programs in renal, stroke, cardiac, cancer care, vascular surgery, and mental health and addictions.

The centre’s current strategic plan outlines the priority of the patient experience.

Diverse roles available

Whether you’re looking to combine your family practice with ED, OR assist, subacute care, or even round on your own patients in the hospital, Peterborough offers an ideal environment to advance your career in medicine.

Investments in technology

Investing in technology is a priority for the region. The hospital recently added two new nuclear medicine cameras (the first of its kind in Ontario) and significantly upgraded its Diagnostic Imaging program, helping to deliver the highest level of care. PRHC added a second magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit in early 2022, allowing up to 5,000 additional procedures per year.

Work with the medically underserved

There are opportunities for physicians interested in providing care to underserved and marginalized patients who may face health barriers, such as immigrants and refugees, people experiencing homelessness, and individuals in long-term care (Peterborough has one of the highest older adult populations in Canada).

As a member of the PRHC team, you will be part of an exceptional working environment – getting to know your colleagues personally, building lasting friendships, and working together to achieve common goals. We’re not just patient-centric, we’re people-centric. Our people are our differentiators; together, they make us who we are.


Peterborough Family Health Team

We are one of the first Family Health Teams in Ontario and are deeply rooted into the City and County of Peterborough as your trusted source for family medicine.We provide a team-based approach to patient care through our responsive and caring staff.Our model of care supports family doctors working in the Family Health Organizations (FHO).

Family Health Organizations

Five Family Health Organizations (FHO) in Peterborough work together with one Family Health Team.

  • Chemong Family Health Organization
  • Greater Peterborough Family Health Organization
  • Peterborough Community Family Health Organization
  • The Peterborough Clinic Family Health Organization
  • The Medical Centre Family Health Organization

Whether you are looking to join a small group of physicians practicing independently yet sharing services or you prefer a larger group with a full complement of business supports, in Peterborough there is a practice to suit your style.

With the majority of Peterborough family physicians working within one of these FHOs, we are one of the province’s most prominent Family Health Teams. Family physicians have access to exceptional interprofessional healthcare providers, which include mental health clinicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, registered dietitians, and registered nurses/registered practical nurses.

Work in a variety of practice settings with various compensation models: FHO, FHT, CCM, or FFS.


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