Contemporary Healthcare

You can practice anywhere, but you can LIVE here.


We are seeking 10 family physicians over the next 4 years. FHT, FHO, CCM, or FFS.

Modern Medical Facilities

715,000 square-foot modern, state-of-the-art facility providing advanced medical care to our community.

Vibrant Community

See why over 120, 000 residents call Peterborough/NOGO home.

Urban Cottage Community

Ditch the commute and join the fastest growing city in Canada, for good reason! Peterborough offers a vibrant urban scene amidst a stunning natural setting.

Professionals are flocking to the area and our city is transforming before our eyes. This has made for exciting times both culturally and economically – but there is an elephant in the room: we are in desperate need of physicians.


Working Here

Our practitioners have earned the reputation of providing both high-quality care and being innovators in the healthcare field. 

Living Here

Peterborough Ontario, a 90-minute drive north-east of Toronto – has an urban-like community with a “slower pace and more space” way of living. You can enjoy the perks of a city balanced with cottage and country lifestyle.

We Would Love To Show You Around!

Schedule a community visit to learn about practice opportunities, tour medical facilities, learn about the area and meet area physicians. Your visit will be tailored to the needs of you and your family.